Meet our Donors – Building Our Community Together
Feb 27, 2012

I worked for the Global Fund for Women, a great organization that financially supports many of the women’s groups around the world that focus on truly engaging women in society via leadership, civic and community engagement and in many, many other ways. When I interviewed, my former supervisor, Erika Guevara-Rosas (no relation, even though that would be cool), asked me, “What attracted you to GFW?”  I responded, “When I learned the meaning of caudillo, it became clear to me that Latin America is plagued with the perpetual cycle of patriarchy, and I wanted to explore solutions and alternatives that women are a part of.” I believe that everyone comes to their ideals in their own time, but we can also instill leadership and self-discovery in young women and men so that these paths are more accessible to us. The Young Women of the world need as much support as we can get, and the reality is that money moves mountains; therefore, it’s time to consider yourself a philanthropist and donate to FRIDA.

The Global Fund taught me to question where money comes from, figure out where it is, and think critically about where it should go. So, here is your chance to think about where it should go.  As a young woman with the privileges I have been blessed with thanks to my parents and family, I cannot be more excited to be a part of this new endeavor. The momentum is gaining speed, and I welcome you to be a part of the momentum by helping me jump start their first year. In honor of women this year, I‘d like to fundraise $1,000 for the Young Feminist Fund by March 8th, International Women’s Day. This organization is a result of many bright, innovative individuals’ input, sweat, enthusiasm, tears and mostly passion!!!! Welcome to the network of the Young Feminist Fund or “FRIDA”. Please join me by checking out my page on Crowdrise: 

Whether you end up donating to FRIDA whatever amount you are able to or not, your help in spreading the word about FRIDA and in contributing your skills, support, and talents to FRIDA is much appreciated. We are still in a phase of immense potential and you only need to email to ask about how you can use those sexy Tech-savvy skills, flagrant translating skills or bodacious blogging skills to move this movement forward! Also, I encourage you to check out the other amazing young women from all over the world that are part of our Community and have supported FRIDA in various ways!

With much love and respect, I sign off, FRIDA-dly,