Presenting FRIDA’s first-ever grantmaking report!

We’ve always been proud of the core element that shapes our funding model: participatory grantmaking. A process that puts decision-making in the hands of young feminists themselves, who, we believe, are the best experts of their own realities.

In the last five years, we’ve grown phenomenally, reaching out to as many emerging groups as possible in varied and diverse countries of the Global South. And after successfully completing three grantmaking cycles, it is a time for us to measure, gauge and evaluate our impact and effectiveness in reaching out to young feminist groups.

We asked ourselves: What have we learned in our grantmaking journey so far? What are some of the mistakes we made? What are some of our accomplishments? What are our key takeaways? 

With the help of our friends at The Lafayette Practice along with our advisors and grantee partners, we present to you, our very first grantmaking report.

Click here to download and read the report

FRIDA Grantmaking Thumbnail

We’ve come a long way, with the support and encouragement of so many wonderful people like you! And we promise you that this is just the beginning of much celebration and self-reflection. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this with us. Alternatively, you can also read the report online here.

We’ve dedicated this report to all the young and not-so-young feminist activists who have been a part of our grantmaking model over the years and have shared their experience, innovation and creativity, trusting us to make the process more just, transparent and meaningful.