Global Day of Action for Safe Abortion
Sep 22, 2016 | Grantee Partner Spotlight


Around the world, young women are disproportionately affected by a patriarchal system which shames, stigmatizes and in many cases makes illegal access to abortion services.

This lack of access to safe, legal, and secure abortions affects young women’s opportunities in education, employment, family relations and their futures. It reflects a significant and persistent infringement on their fundamental human rights.

In response to this, today for the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe Abortion, we’re sharing the incredible work being done by young feminist activists all over the world. These activists are organizing, taking action and challenging laws, traditions and authority figures who prevent them from accessing their right to safe, legal and secure abortion.

Access to abortion affects everyone. It empowers women to make decisions about their sexual and reproductive rights. It allows people to live with control over their own bodies and futures.

Click here and share with us: why do you support safe access to abortion? 

People’s reasons for supporting access to abortion are all different. For some it’s personal. Others it’s political.

Below are the voices of our community – sharing why they stand in solidarity and are taking action for safe access to abortion services all over the world.