Glorious gatherings at the AWID Forum: A photo essay
Sep 14, 2016

Five whirlwind days and we’re still reeling from the magic of the AWID Forum. From Artivism Spaces to Inter-generational Dialogues, the FRIDA & Red Umbrella Birthday celebration to the money and movement plenary – we saw the energy, passion and strength of the global feminist movement.

From the FRIDA community, we were excited to be joined by young feminists from around the world including grantee partners, advisors, staff, founders, and allies. Thank you to everyone who played a part in creating this special week! We cannot wait to work together with you all in solidarity to build our feminist future.

Relive all the action in our photos below:


For FRIDA, the Forum started with our 2016 Global Convening. Grantee partners, advisors, staff and board members met to share learning, reflect on experiences, and strengthen the bonds of the FRIDA network.


The Forum saw over 2000 feminists from around the world gather in large halls, speak at round tables and break off into smaller sessions – conversations on everything from art festivals to grassroots funding to inter-sectional organizing.


Old friends gathered and new allies were made as attendees created giant art installations imagining a feminist future and recorded radio programmes of their experiences for the world to hear.


The energy, passion and inspiration created in this space as well as the connections and friendships we made will help fuel our activism and our organizing for years to come.

For more information, photos and reflections on FRIDA’s time at the AWID Forum, check out our schedule of events, our #Youngfem Voices series, and Twitter page.

© All photos have been collated from those shared by FRIDA staff members, grantee partners and advisors.