Not Backing Down, We Rise Above the Backlash


For us feminists, 2016 has been a difficult year.

Backlash against feminism and threats on women’s rights abounded. We saw lawmakers restricting abortion access in Poland, rape culture unchecked in Brazil, the murder of a transactivist in Turkey, and the election of an open misogynist in the US.

Despite this violence, we are not backing down!

Incredible acts of solidarity, protest, and collaboration are sustaining people-powered movements. At FRIDA, our amazing grantee partners are delivering self-defense classes in India, running sexual health hotlines in Ecuador, fighting trans stigma in Tanzania, and ensuring menstrual health does not affect a girl’s education in Zambia. Everywhere, young feminists groups are fighting back.

But as their challenges increase, so must our support!

Half of young feminist groups operate with less than $5,000 USD a year and a quarter on less than $500 USD.

That’s why this #GivingTuesday and for the rest of December, we’re asking our community to donate.

Support young feminist activists! Give today! 

Today, #GivingTuesday recognises the power of collaboration and giving. Will you join us today and support young feminists who are not backing down in their struggle for justice?

Learn about young feminist organizing in our new report –  the largest and most comprehensive scan on the global state of young feminist organizing.