Statement of solidarity from LAC feminists against growing global conservatism


Public statement against the global advancement of conservative governments jeopardising women’s human rights by Latin American & Caribbean Young Feminists

Last November 18,2016, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. He won 270 electoral votes with a chauvinist, racist, classist, xenophobic and misogynist discourse. Once again, we are witnesses of how a sector of the population at the global level chose conservatism and drifted to the Right of these political sectors; who put into risk not only our rights, but our lives as young women. Historically these actions in the US have affected women’s lives, either migrant women or women who live in countries with a strong meddling of the US.

Trump is another disappointment of what we have been witnessing over the last few years with the advancement of the Right wing, the neoliberalism, the individualism, the intolerance and the discrimination in Latin-American and the Caribbean (LAC), where Women Human Right Defenders (WHRD) and Human Right Defenders (HRD) are being murdered because they keep our Abya Yala.

If we shut up, aggressors feel supported and justified. Thus, as Latin-American young feminists, we ratify our commitment with the defence of women’s human rights while we express our outrage. We would like to call for resistance and struggle for our rights. We do not want more coup d’états, nor corrupt presidential elections that disguise under legality. We do not want that from the powers of the State, which collude with transnational corporations, and continue to invade and colonise our bodies and territories.

Not one step back! For a life free of discrimination and violence, stop hate crimes! For our autonomy and our right to decide over our bodies: My Body, My Territory! For rights and opportunity equality, same work, same salary! For the guaranty and defence of our territories, health and life!

Now, more than ever, we shout out from all countries of our continent: All should be united, organized and be activists for Human Rights!

Latin-American Young Feminists

November 15, 2016.

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