Photo of the Month: December 2016


December’s photo of the month is technically from November when FRIDA held our Latin America and Caribbean convening in Mexico City. But we were so excited about the 42 young feminists who were there, that we just had to share it with you all!

From across the region, FRIDA grantee partners, advisors, staff and other young feminists came together to promote dialogue and sisterhood across their activism. The entire convening was planned and delivered collaboratively with workshops on digital security, advocacy and well-being and opportunities to discuss contexts, strategies and experiences from across the region. One FRIDA grantee said:

“I could visualized from the different contexts we work in, the actions that we, as young feminists from LAC, are doing. We articulated social support networks among collectives and we know that the experiences from other young feminists from other contexts could support us in some actions. As well as how we can support them with other themes or areas of work.”