2016: The Year That Was

It’s already 2017 and we feel we barely got the time to pause and reflect on the year that went by. It was a significant year of some key advocacy and engagement moments, fresh content sharing and strategic partnerships. We want to take this opportunity to share a quick recap of how the year was and all that we were able to achieve in it. Enjoy!

Quarter 1: January, February, March

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Quarter 2: April, May, June

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Quarter 3: July, August, September

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Quarter 4: October, November, December aka our best online engagement period 

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  • We continued the theme of #NotBackingDown to build stories and narratives of young feminist activist work that FRIDA funds, as part of our End of the Year fundraising campaign. We shared an inspiring poem by Revolt Social Workers to encourage people to donate. This was the most read email on our newsletter during this time. We also extended our fundraising outreach to our Spanish audience for the first time.
  • We surpassed our fundraising goal of USD 10000 and were able to raise a total of USD 11,045 in the month of December. In 2016, we raised a total of USD 23,776 with 206 donations: equivalent to resources for at least 4 more young feminist groups to strengthen their activism with FRIDA money. Compared to 2015, the total money raised through individual donations is not just higher in amount but also in the number of individuals who donated.

That’s it, folks! Thank you for helping FRIDA community build and grow bigger, better, brighter and, of course, more colorful. We promise to bring more joy, cheer and reason to celebrate young feminist organizing in 2017.

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We love you too!

Team FRIDA 🙂