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FRIDA is currently seeking a part-time Program Associate. The main responsibilities include: providing administrative and organizational support and working closely with FRIDA’s amazing programs team by supporting development and maintenance of internal operating systems, communications, grant making, monitoring and evaluation and capacity building.

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We are no longer receiving applications for this position!


FRIDA’s Board uses a multigenerational approach that amplifies young feminist leadership! The Board is composed of three Executive positions (Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) that are held by young feminists under 35 years of age, and General Members of any age. We try to ensure that no more than 30 percent of the entire Board is over the age of 30. FRIDA is looking for nominations for up to 6 enthusiastic and dedicated feminists to join our Board of Directors! For more details, check this out.

The deadline to send in nominations is now over. Thank you so much for applying and sending in nominations!


FRIDA is recruiting passionate and committed young feminist activists from the Middle East and North Africa region to join its Global Advisory Committee! Located or from the following countries where we do not currently have advisors and/or need more advisory support:  Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Bahrain, , Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Western Sahara

Deadline: December 20th, 2016. Read more!

صندوق فريدايوظف ناشطات نسويات شابة شغوفة وملتزمة من إقليم الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا للانضمام إلى للجنته االاستشارية العالمية

إذا كان موقعك أو إذا كنتي من الدول التالية التي ليس لدينا بها استشاريين أو نحتاج إلى دعم استشاري إضافي: الجزائر، مصر، ليبيا، موريتانيا، المغرب، السودان، تونس، البحرين، ، العراق، الأردن، الكويت، عُمان، فلسطين، قطر، لبنان، السعودية، سوريا، تركيا، اليمن، الصحراء الغربية.

آخر موعد: 20 ديسمبر 2016 اقرأ أكثر

We are no longer accepting applications for this post. نحن لم تعد تقبل طلبات الحصول على هذا المنصب.


We regularly recruit and take on interns for different areas of our work. These internships are unpaid, but with a voluntary stipend of up to $100 a month.

Our internship opportunities are open periodically throughout the year, and announced via our website, social media and on


We are indebted to the amazing volunteers that offer their time and passion to FRIDA and its grantee partners. We are currently looking for ‘Hub Conversation Facilitators’  who will be responsible for facilitating online conversations within the FRIDA Hub platform. A Hub Conversation is an online discussion within the FRIDA community – young feminist activists from all over the world! Participants in the conversations share their experience, learn from others and Connect with FRIDA community and create new networks and communities of practice.

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