Beirut Chapter


The fourth stop of FearlesslyFRIDA heads to the MENA region. Chapter 4 seeks to explore and understand space and home in a world of much mobility and migration. Team Fearless, together with young feminist activists from the region, would be exploring the theme of coloring outside the lines of home. It will explore the relevance, and nuances of what we call, construct and deconstruct as ‘home’. What is home? How do we make it? Why do we leave them? What are homes away from homes, makeshift homes, tents as homes, crumbling buildings as homes, people as our homes, a backpack as home and having no home. How can we reclaim the idea of home itself, by replacing fear with trust?

Together with young feminists on the ground, Team Fearless will, this time, paint the streets of Beirut in Lebanon. If you are anywhere around Beirut, join the amazing storytellers and collaborators between February 12 and 19, 2017 to paint stories of and on homes.