Brazil chapter

The third stop of FearlesslyFRIDA’s global art tour was in the Latin Americas in the small town of Olivença in the state of Bahia in Brazil. Olivenca is a town with many histories, most of which is marred by true stories of oppression and injustice. Four hundred and fifty years ago, its shores were first touched by Portuguese ships, and it was home to one of the biggest massacres of Indigenous people in Brazilian history. Today, four hundred and fifty years later, the local community, known as the Tupinamba are still fighting for their land, colonizers have been replaced by corporations. The government and police, meant to protect them, are a constant threat.


Picture by Fabrice Bourgelle

Last September, The Fearless Collective found themselves in a village square, collaborating with Pelas Mulheres (By Indigenous Women), FRIDA grantee partner from Brazil, to reclaim an indigenous ancestral graveyard, sacred to the Tupinamba people, taken by the church as part of the ‘civilization’ of modern day Brazil. Together, they explored the theme of ‘Outside the Lines of Spirit’ and continued to color outside the lines. And the results are there for everyone to see.

Relive the breathtaking experience by clicking here.