FearlesslyFRIDA: Beginning of a global art tour

FRIDA has embarked on a colorful journey with The Fearless Collective  to celebrate the colorful spirit of young feminist organizers around the world who are pushing boundaries, breaking stereotypes and creating newer paths towards equality and justice.

Click here to learn more about the ongoing poster campaign and how you can participate in it. Join several other artists and their art on our joint tumblr page, travel the world with The Fearless Collective and also stand a chance to be displayed at the 13th AWID Forum in Brazil!

This beautiful collaboration is taking off on a global art tour, collaborating with FRIDA’s grantee partners and #coloringoutsidethelines by creating art that is both fierce and fearless! 

The Fearless Collective is a global collective of artists, activists, photographers and filmmakers who use art to replace fear with empathy specifically exploring themes of gender and sexuality. Fearless Collective not only creates beautiful works of public art, but does so through an immersive process in which the art is co-created with those who are otherwise under-represented, unseen and marginalized. Through this, “their stories are weaved into a positive affirmation that becomes a significant part of this public image,” says Shilo Shiv Suleman, Founder and Creative Director of The Fearless Collective.

Picture credit: The Fearless Collective

Picture credit: The Fearless Collective

Over the coming months FRIDA with The Fearless Collective, will host six workshops and public art creation events around the world to bring attention to issues of gender based violence and inequality. Click here to get some more background on previous public artivism workshops conducted by The Fearless Collective.

So far, we have completed the following chapters of the #FearlesslyFRIDA collaboration. Click on each country to view the photo essay that illustrates the beautiful experience:

  1. Indonesia: Coloring Outside the Lines of Gender
  2. South Africa: Coloring Outside the Lines of Body
  3. Brazil: Coloring Outside the Lines of Spirit

We hope to continue highlighting the work of young feminist groups through this collaboration, and continue encouraging all those who are coloring outside the lines and building newer ones to create a more just and equal world. Get in touch with us at fearlesslyfrida@gmail.com if you’d like to join in or share your art!

Colorful initiatives like these have been made possible by consistent support from individuals and supporters from all over the world. Consider gifting to the young feminist movement that can help organise art tours like this. Click here to learn more about donating to FRIDA!