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We’re so excited to finally be here at the AWID Forum! There’s lots going on but below you’ll find all the events that FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is organizing, co-hosting or presenting at.

Come find us to learn more about FRIDA’s mission, our work with young feminists and our participative grant-making model. We’d love to meet you!

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Thursday September 8th

Resource Mobilization Engagement Lab

Resource Mobilization for Girls & Young Women: Putting the fun in fundraising & breaking fears. Discuss challenging your fears around fundraising, breaking the habit of avoiding resource mobilization, transforming the donor-grantee relationships & the mindset around how we perceive donors & money. Learn about FRIDA’s “Resource Mobilization Toolkit for Girls & Young Women”, a kit with tips, tools, skills & information to emerging young, feminist groups that want to improve their resource mobilization capacities.
Time: 7:50 – 08:50am
Location: Resource Moblization Hub

Artivism & LBT Session with Astraea
From infographics to hashtags, from direct action to community events, LGBTQI young feminists across the globe continue to be at the forefront of multiple tactics to strategize, engage and mobilize their communities. The session will explore opportunities, strategies and challenges to leverage resources for LGBTQI young feminist organizing.
Time: 11:00-13:30
Location: Young Feminist Hub

Artivism Space
FRIDA grantee Chouf talks about their feminist festival
Time: 11:00 – 11:30

How can funders most effectively support young feminist, trans* and sex worker movements?
With Red Umbrella and UHAI
Time: 11:00-12:30pm
Location: Ala Terra – Bahia 3

Feminist Tech Hub
“Intelligent social media data how to secure data online” by Margaret Njuhi (ENG) SKIRTS Foundation
Time: 11.30 am-12 pm
Location: “Ideas Adapt” space within the fiX hub


Friday September 9th

Artivism Space
FRIDA grantee Giuvlipen performance
Time: 11:00 – 11:30

FRIDA Donor Hours
Time: 13:15 – 14:15
Location: Resource Mobilisation Hub

Inter-generational Dialogue
A panel FRIDA is co-organising an inter-generational dialogue with Madre.
Time: 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Location: TBC

FRIDA 5th Birthday Celebration
Celebrating 5 years of FRIDA with feminist friends and allies.
Time: 20:00 – 21:00
Location: TBC


Saturday September 10th

FRIDA Donor Hours
Time: 13:15 – 14:15
Location: Resource Mobilisation Hub

Feminist Tech Hub
“Women’s stories are important and storytelling transforms women’s perspective towards femininity” by Ariane Corniani (PORT) Minas Programme
Time: 12.30 pm-1 pm
Location: “Ideas Adapt” space within the fiX hub.


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New report: Global Mapping of Young Feminist Organizing

Report cover2

FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund and Association for Women’s Rights in Development’s Young Feminist Activism Programme are pleased to publish Brave, Creative, Resilient: The Global State of Young Feminist Organizing, an international mapping on the global state of young feminist organizing.

Read and download the full report here.

Read a summary of key findings and recommendations for action.

Using two major data sets covering over 1500 young women, girl and trans* led groups and organizations, the research provides a ‘snapshot’ of who young feminist organizations are, the issues and strategies they work on, and the financial and political realities that shape their work.

The report’s main findings indicate that young feminist organizations are using innovative strategies to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time, with some of the most vulnerable populations, however they are also strikingly under-resourced and their sustainability is in jeopardy.

Click below to explore some of the report’s data and findings.
More info-graphics and analysis can be found in the report



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Building Feminist Futures: FRIDA at the 13th AWID Forum, Brazil


We are very excited to announce that the FRIDA community will play an active role at the 13th AWID Forum in September 2016 in Bahia, Brazil. This international forum is a key space for young feminist activists to share innovation and energy from all corners of the world. It is a safe space to connect, understand the issues affecting young feminists across boundaries, gain exposure for their important work and play an active role in cross-movement building.

We see convening spaces as the AWID Forum as key to movement building – creating a space for alliance building, reflection and dialogue. They are spaces where young feminists can share organizing actions, deepen their understanding of how change happens in their diverse focus areas, as well as network beyond their borders and harness their collective power.

We are excited to share more information on what FRIDA would be doing at the 13th AWID Forum scheduled to take place in Bahia, Brazil from September 8-11, 2016:

Who is coming?

We are happy to confirm the participation of 35 young feminist activists from around the world. This includes: 24 grantee partners, 7 staff members, 3 advisors, and 1 board member from 35 countries across 5 regions of the Global South.

What are we organizing?

Before the Forum

  • Black Feminist Forum (BFF): On September 5th & 6th, some members of the FRIDA community will participate in the BFF: a convening for Black and Afrodescendant feminists from different regions, identities and sectors to discuss and share the intersections of their activism and struggle. You can read more about the BFF Hub here.
  • FRIDA Community Day: On September 6, FRIDA will host a Global Convening so that members of our community can connect across movements and geographies. We will create a safe space to better understand what grantee partners are doing, the contexts of their work and how can we collectively work towards our shared vision.

On September 7, FRIDA will be participating in different events:

  1. Feminist Internet Exchange: Organized by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), this space will put feminism at the heart of engagement with technology, by bringing together activists, researchers, & techies working on advancing a feminist internet. More here.
  2. Donor Pre-Day: Before the Forum, a diverse donor community will come together for a day to collectively advance women’s human rights and gender justice.
  3. Young Feminist Activism Day: This will be a space for young feminist activist from different movements and regions to build new and stronger alliances and partnerships, to network, to outreach and discuss approaches, strategies and struggles. More here.

If you are planning to attend any of these events, please let us know by emailing us at

During the Forum

FRIDA is involved in many of the different spaces and a bunch of sessions at the Forum.


FRIDA will participate in multiple ways including by sharing our Fieldscan on the State of Young Feminist Organizing, research collaboratively done with YFA-AWID. We are also co-organizing an intergenerational Dialogue with Madre (read all about the participant-led sessions at the Forum here). In collaboration with WEDO, FRIDA will be part of a climate justice space for young feminist organizing.


FRIDA is organizing a panel with Red Umbrella Fund, Mama Cash, INWF!

FRIDA will also be engaging with various stages of the Resource Mobilization HUB. Members of our team will advise as “fundraising experts” who will carry badges throughout the Forum, helping out girls, young women and trans youth in their fundraising efforts. FRIDA is also involved in the engagement labs. FRIDA will launch its Resource Mobilization Toolkit for Girls and Young Women in order to support young feminist activists with their questions, fears and worries about fundraising. FRIDA is also organizing a donor dinner on grantmaking China that will connect local and regional donors and grantee partners!


As part of the Feminist Tech Hub, the Mexican feminist organization Palabra Radio in collaboration with FRIDA will broadcast a radio program during the days of the Forum and create a podcast to amplify women and trans* people’s voices.

Even if you are not able to come to the Forum, this is a great opportunity to be present through your ‘voice’. You can be part of it by recording and sending to us you personal testimony or testimonies of women, trans* people or youth from your community. The testimonies should be about 3 minutes long and can be about any of the following topics:

→ Territory and environment

→ Body, diversity, sexual and reproductive rights

→ Technology, art, and politics

You can also send us poetry (audio) and music from your region! And remember that the music recorded must have a Creative Commons license. You can use your mobile phone to record and send your audios.

You can send us your audio files in 3 different ways:

  • Send an email with the attachment to
  • Upload the audio file in and send us the link to the same email
  • Upload your file on (your file is encrypted and secure) and share with us the url so we can download it.

In collaboration with Astraea, FRIDA is co-organizing a collaborative session on LBT rights and artivism. This artivist space aims to showcase art in diverse formats from global LGBTQI artists responding to criminalization and militarization. There will be a space to showcase music, poetry and films by AWID participants and an ongoing installation featuring Astraea Foundation and FRIDA grantee partners.

After the Forum

Collective Artivism with The Fearless collective

As a part of the global art tour, The Fearless Collective and one of FRIDA’s Brazillian grantee partners will be working closely to create a fierce and fearless art mural in Salvador da Bahia! More details on this will be up soon. Watch this space. 

Until then, see you in Bahia!

For more information on FRIDA at the AWID Forum, contact Kat Baird at

Celebrating FRIDA’s 5th birthday!

On August 10, 2016, FRIDA celebrated five years of being the only youth led fund focused exclusively on supporting and strengthening the young feminist movement with our San Francisco supporters. It was a night of music, cake and magic. Thank you so much to those who were able to attend!

Shilo Shiv Suleman from The Fearless Collective shared the story of our FearlesslyFRIDA initiative, a global artivism project currently underway. The event was hosted by FRIDA Team members Kat and Chloe, with the help of many FRIDA friends, family and partners. The event capped off our Feminist Friendship Fortnight campaign, where we’ve successfully raised new funds to support young feminist organizing with the support of our global community.

Below is a snapshot of all the fun, frolic and fabulousness of the evening:

PREPPING: We wanted this event to be a riot of colors! So we choose bright patterns, flowers, wall hangings and our very own annual report on display for everyone to have a look and learn more about FRIDA. Shilo from The Fearless Collective is seen in this picture helping us with the decorations.

PREPPING: We wanted this event to be a riot of colors! So we choose bright patterns, flowers, wall hangings and our very own annual report on display for everyone to have a look and learn more about FRIDA. Shilo from The Fearless Collective is seen in this picture helping us with the decorations.


BIDDING: The event was also a fundraiser, where we exhibited some of the breathtaking art that emerged from our FearlesslyFRIDA poster campaign. They were up for auction and the money raised is going to be used to strengthen this collaboration of art and activism.

BIDDING: The event was also a fundraiser, where we exhibited some of the breathtaking art that emerged from our FearlesslyFRIDA poster campaign. They were up for auction and the money raised is going to be used to strengthen this collaboration of art and activism.

SMILING: We saw so many SF supporters come together, wanting to learn more about FRIDA and its outreach and spreading smiles and joy with us. Also seen in the picture above, against the green backdrop, are [from left to right] Chloe, Angelika and Kat: members of the FRIDA community, who led the event with much enthusiasm and spark.

SMILING: We saw so many SF supporters come together, wanting to learn more about FRIDA and its outreach and spreading smiles and joy with us. Also seen in the picture above, against the green backdrop, are [from left to right] Chloe, Angelika and Kat: members of the FRIDA community, who led the event with much enthusiasm and spark.

CELEBRATING: And here comes the cake! It was so awesome to see everyone celebrate for us and with us. Five years of strengthening young feminist organizing worldwide is an important milestone in our journey and the joy and cheer of supporters like you can only make it even better and meaningful.

CELEBRATING: And here comes the cake! It was so awesome to see everyone celebrate for us and with us. Five years of strengthening young feminist organizing worldwide is an important milestone in our journey and the joy and cheer of supporters like you can only make it even better and meaningful.

© Pictures by Miriam Blumenfeld

We’re so grateful to our bay area community who have supported us on this incredible journey as a young feminist fund. We can’t wait to meet you all in another city soon!

Until then, thank you every single one of you, in helping us strengthen the movement! We will share more info on the money mobilized during the feminist friendship fortnight very soon. Watch this space!

International Day of Action for Women’s Health

English text of statement below. 

28 de mayo, Día internacional de Acción por la Salud de las Mujeres

Las jóvenes feministas de Latinoamérica nos pronunciamos por la salud y vida de las mujeres cis y trans, niñas, jóvenes y adultas de nuestra región y del mundo.

El 28 de Mayo fue proclamado como “Día Internacional de Acción por la Salud de las Mujeres”, en la reunión de la Red Mundial de Mujeres por los Derechos Sexuales Reproductivos, realizado en el V Encuentro Internacional sobre salud de la mujer, en 1987. Desde ese momento, se reafirma el derecho a la salud como un derecho humano al que las mujeres deben acceder sin restricciones de ningún tipo, y a través de todo su ciclo de vida.

En Latinoamérica persisten brechas en el acceso de las niñas y jóvenes a su derecho a la salud y vida, lo cual incide negativamente en el ejercicio pleno de sus derechos humanos. Esto se ve reflejado en las alarmantes cifras de embarazo infantil y adolescente, embarazos forzados, productos de violencia sexual, y muertes por abortos inseguros, que son evitables.

En este marco, como jóvenes feministas latinoamericanas, integrantes de la comunidad del Fondo de Jóvenes Feministas FRIDA, exigimos el acceso de las mujeres cis y trans, niñas, jóvenes y adultas a sus derechos a la salud integral y el respeto a sus decisiones sobre sus cuerpos, identidades y vida. Esto incluye el acceso a servicios de calidad que nos permitan disfrutar de un buen estado de salud mental y físico, proporcionados por sistemas de salud públicos que reconozcan y enfrenten la desigualdad social en que viven las mujeres, cuyas expresiones afectan nuestra salud: la violencia hacia las mujeres, la desigualdad económica, el racismo y la lesbo-bi-transfobia.

Exigimos la implementación de la educación sexual integral y laica en las instituciones educativas de nuestros países, difusión, distribución y acceso a métodos anticonceptivos y acceso al aborto legal, seguro y gratuito como una cuestión de Derechos Humanos, justicia social y respeto hacia la autonomía de las mujeres, sujetas capaces de decidir sobre sus cuerpos y proyectos de vida. Demandamos la difusión de información y acceso al aborto medicamentoso (con pastillas), el cual ha sido recomendado por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) ya que está comprobado que su uso reduce riesgos en prácticas de aborto auto-inducidos, en particular en países donde el aborto es ilegal. Denunciamos la complicidad de los Estados en la muerte de mujeres por abortos clandestinos. Repudiamos la persecución y encarcelamiento de las mujeres que abortan. Exigimos la Libertad para Belén en Argentina y de las 17 en El Salvador. Exigimos la sanción de la violencia reproductiva y obstétrica que se ejerce por parte de operadores/as de salud y nuestro derecho a un parto respetado.

Exigimos el archivamiento del nuevo código penal que pretende aprobar el Estado peruano porque representa un retroceso en materia de derechos humanos de las mujeres, ya que incrementa las penas para mujeres víctimas de violación sexual que deciden abortar y las castiga con jornadas de trabajo comunitario. Además, propone la tipificación del “Aborto Imprudente”, figura que se usaría para criminalizar los abortos espontáneos. Repudiamos a la clase política dictatorial y confesional del Estado peruano, encarnada principalmente en la bancada fujimorista, cuyos líderes actuales son responsables de alrededor de 300 mil esterilizaciones forzadas a mujeres indígenas y campesinas. Esto fue un atentado contra el derecho a la salud de las mujeres, además de calificar como crímenes de lesa humanidad. Por lo que exigimos justicia y reparación para las víctimas y sanción para los culpables.

Hacemos un llamado al gobierno de Brasil para que de respuesta ante la violación colectiva de una joven de Río de Janeiro sucedida este mes, y que al contrario de emprender iniciativas de carácter fundamentalista y religioso en contra de los derechos sexuales y reproductivos de las mujeres, se reafirme y se cualifique las políticas públicas ya conquistadas, como es el caso del tratamiento a las víctimas de violación en el sistema público de salud. Compartimos nuestra preocupación, junto a muchas organizaciones de la sociedad civil y de mujeres, ante la crisis política en Brasil que ha fortalecido la criminalización de las mujeres que abortan, que busca imponer una política arbitraria de control reproductivo diferenciada a las mujeres negras y blancas y que utiliza los derechos sexuales y reproductivos de las mujeres como “moneda de cambio” en un sistema político patriarcal de creciente ocupación religiosa.

Exigimos que todos los gobiernos de nuestra región generen medidas de índole político y mecanismos para eliminar la violencia y femicidios hacia las mujeres cis y trans.

Asimismo exigimos que se asuman responsabilidades por parte de los Estados y compañías privadas en la región involucradas en la vulnerabilización del derecho humano a vivir en un ambiente sano, lo que incluye, entre otras cosas, el acceso al agua potable y la protección de la salud de las mujeres en su ciclo de vida ante la amenaza del virus del Zika, respetando la autonomía de nuestro cuerpo y vivencia de la sexualidad.

Expresamos nuestro apoyo a todas las compañeras feministas y organizaciones que trabajan por los Derechos Humanos en resistencia en los diferentes países de la región ante el avance de los fundamentalismos religiosos que obstaculizan el acceso de las niñas, mujeres cis y trans de todas las edades a sus derechos. En especial, expresamos nuestro apoyo a las instituciones democráticas que promueven sociedades más igualitarias y equitativas y repudiamos todo ataque hacia estos pilares fundamentales de nuestras democracias.

Exponemos nuestra preocupación ante la falta de apoyo financiero a la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos de la Organización de Estados Americanos, organismo de vital importancia para la denuncia, esclarecimiento y apoyo ante las violaciones de los Derechos Humanos en nuestra región. Cabe recordar que dicho organismo ha sido un canal sumamente importante para elevar casos paradigmáticos y que han sentado jurisprudencia a nivel regional e internacional sobre los Derechos Humanos de las mujeres, como los de María Da Penha contra Brasil; Mamérita Mestanza contra Perú; el caso LNP contra Argentina; LMR contra Argentina; Aurora y Ana contra Costa Rica.

Este 28 de mayo, las jóvenes feministas nos reafirmamos en nuestra lucha por la libertad y autonomía de todas las mujeres, a fin de contribuir a la construcción de sociedades con justicia social y sin violencia contra las mujeres. Y exigimos a los Estados que garanticen nuestro derecho a la salud integral.

¡Ni una muerta más por abortos clandestinos, ni por violencia machista!
¡Nuestra Salud, Nuestros derechos!

Asesoras del Fondo de Jóvenes Feministas FRIDA de Latinoamérica

28 de mayo de 2016


28th May: International Day of Action for Women’s Health.
Young feminists from Latin America call for respect for the health and life of cis and trans women, girls, young women and adult women from our region and all over the world.

May 28 was declared as International Day for Women’s Health during a meeting of Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) at the International Convening on Women’s Health in 1987. Since then, it is reaffirmed that access to health care is a human right that women should have access to without any restriction and during all periods of their lives.

In Latin America gaps in girls and young women accessing their right to health persist, which negatively affect the full enjoyment of their human rights. This is reflected in the alarming rates of child and teenage pregnancy and forced pregnancy, products of sexual violence, and deaths due to insecure abortions, which are preventable.

In this frame, as young feminist Latin Americans, members of FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund community, we demand access of trans and cis women, girls, young and adult women to their integral health rights as well as the respecting of their decisions over their bodies, identities and lives. This includes access to quality services that allow us to enjoy a good mental and physical state, provided by the public health systems that recognizes and deal with social inequality that women live in, whose manifestations affect our health including violence against women, economic inequality, racism, ageism and lesbo-bi-transphobia.

We call for the implementation of integral and secular sexual education in the education institutions of our countries; the dissemination, distribution and access to contraception methods; and access to legal, free and secure abortion as a matter of human rights, social justice and respect of women’s autonomy. Women are capable of making decision about their bodies and lives. We demand the dissemination of information and access to abortion with medication (with pills) which was recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) because its use reduces risks when practicing self-induced abortion, particularly in countries where abortion is illegal. We strongly denounce State’s complicity in the death of women due to clandestine abortions. We condemn the persecution and imprisonment of women who practice abortions. We demand freedom for Belén in Argentina, and freedom for the 17 women in El Salvador. We demand an end to the reproductive and obstetric violence that is exerted by health workers and we recognize our right to a respected birth.

We demand revision of new penal code that Peruvian State seeks to approve, because it represents a setback in terms of women’s human rights as it increases penalties to women who are victims of sexual violence who decide to practice an abortion and punishes them with community service. In addition, it proposes the legal classification ‘reckless abortion’ to criminalize spontaneous abortions. We condemn the dictatorial and sectarian political class and the Peruvian state, mainly embodied in Fujimori’s bench, whose current leaders are responsible for around 300 thousand forced sterilizations to indigenous and peasant women. This was an attack against women’s health rights and it is declared as a crime against humanity. Therefore, we demand justice and reparation to the victims and punishment to the guilty.

We call on the Brazilian government to urgently respond to the mass rape of a young woman from Rio de Janeiro that happened this month. We urge that, instead of undertaking fundamentalist and religious initiatives against the sexual and reproductive rights of women, public policies already approved, for instance the treatment of victims of rape in public health systems, are adopted and improved. We share our concern, together with many civil society and women organizations, about the political crisis in Brazil that has strengthening the criminalization of women who practice abortion, that seeks imposing an arbitrary policy of different reproductive control between black and white women, and that uses the sexual and reproductive rights of women as a ‘bargaining chip’ in a patriarchal political system of increasing religious occupation.

We demand that all governments of our region create political measures and mechanisms to eliminate violence and feminicides against cis and trans women.

Furthermore we call for State’s accountability but also for the accountability of private companies in the region that are involved in the violation of the human right to live in a healthy environment, which includes access to drinking water and the protection of women’s health throughout their lives, the threat of Zika virus, and respecting our body and sexual autonomy.

We express our support to all feminist sisters and organizations that work in resistance on human rights in the different countries of the region in the face of advancing religious fundamentalisms that hinder access of girls, cis and trans women of all ages to their rights. Particularly, we express our support to democratic institutions that promote more equal societies and we condemn every attack to those fundamental pillars of our democracies.

We expose our big concern about the lack of financial support of Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the Organization the American States, an institution of crucial importance to investigate and respond to violations of human rights in our region. This institution has been an extremely important channel to raise pragmatic cases that have created jurisprudence on women’s human rights at a regional and international level, for example: María Da Penha vs. Brazil ; Mamérita Mestanza vs. Peru; LNP vs Argentine; LMR vs Argentine; Aurora and Antonia vs. Costa Rica.

On this May 28, as young feminists, we reaffirm our struggle for women’s autonomy and freedom, aiming to contribute to the creation of societies with social justice and free from violence against women. We demand States guarantee our right to integral health.

Not one more death because of clandestine abortions, not one more death because of misogynist violence! Our Health, Our Rights!

FRIDA Young Feminist Fund Latin America Caribbean Advisors

28th May 2016

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