Pledge your birthday

Why not celebrate your birthday by bringing your fun and generous friends together to literally provide the most important but basic need to hundreds of girls and young women without: money.

Power changes everything. Money can, in this instance, make a real, immediate and measurable difference.

Whether you manage to raise $50 or $500, we promise you, you will always remember that birthday!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • You could throw a party and ask for contributions at the door (and not let in those who don’t! Haha. We are kidding.)
  • You could offer to do something outrageous(!) if enough friends donate. Be as crazy and kinky you want to be!
  • If you are celebrating your “sweet 16”, sweet 18”, or “sweet 21”, you could ask for $16, $18 or $21.
  • You could simply ask for donations to young feminist activism instead of gifts.

Or do something completely different, something that is more “you”!

Potential platforms: Go Fund Me, CrowdRise, Fundly, Give Forward.

Has your birthday passed? Don’t worry. Here are some other gift giving events that may be coming up in your life: 

  • Your graduation
  • Specials anniversaries
  • Religious and national holidays
  • Wedding and engagements

Now go on your calendar, and mark your birthday, and make it a special day for you, your family and friends, and the global young feminist movement.


Click here to read how Barbora, a long-time supporter and friend, dedicated her birthday to FRIDA and the enriching experience of crowdfunding for young feminist activists!