What We Do

FRIDA’s work revolves around our four key strategies:

  • GRANTMAKING: to respond to the funding gap felt by the growing number of young feminist organizers worldwide, FRIDA provides small grants to newly established groups of young feminists based in the Global South.
  • CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT: FRIDA adopted a ‘funding plus’ model that amplifies the skills, knowledge, and ideas of young feminist activists through leadership, linking, and learning opportunities.
  • RESOURCE MOBILIZATION: we work towards mobilizing both financial and non-financial resources through leveraging and influencing partnerships;
  • KNOWLEDGE-BUILDINGthrough our programs, we gather and have access to a wealth of information that can support the growth of young feminist groups in relation to the larger (young) feminist movement.

While each of these strategies has its own distinct components, they compliment and interact with each other to achieve our goals and objectives.