Capacity Development

FRIDA adopted a ‘funding plus’ model that amplifies the skills, knowledge, and ideas of young feminist activists through leadership, linking, and learning opportunities.

FRIDA uses three overall approaches in its capacity development work:

  1. Trust young feminists to be experts of their own reality. FRIDA engages with groups directly to enable them to define their own strengths and weaknesses. Additional funds are provided for groups to invest in their own organization’s capacity development, from trainings and registration fees to hiring consultants and buying equipment. Similarly, FRIDA enables groups to develop their capacities through experiences, supporting groups to participate in and attend specific philanthropic and/or movement-building spaces.
  2. Create a community of learning for grantee partners and young feminists within the broader movement. This community is built on supportive relationships and the exchange of ideas, experiences, and expertise. FRIDA encourages and provides virtual and physical spaces for groups to meet each other at national, regional, and cross-regional levels.
  3. Facilitate links and partnerships between its grantee partners and other constituents, including FRIDA’s advisors and other social justice organizations and activists.