Resource mobilization

As a women’s fund, one of our essential functions is to raise financial resources for young feminists activists. However, at FRIDA resources go beyond money and include people, relationships, and information. Therefore, we work towards mobilizing both financial and non-financial resources through leveraging and influencing partnerships.

For FRIDA, leveraging partnerships is focused specifically on increased financial commitments from funders towards FRIDA’s work, as well as that of the overall women’s human rights movement. Nevertheless, we realize that our work is only effective if young feminist groups and activists working on the ground are part of shaping global agendas and contributing alternative, sustainable, and just solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. FRIDA’s networking and influence within the philanthropic community and social justice movements provide a potential platform for young feminist voices. FRIDA thus has a significant role to play in mobilizing this platform as a non-financial resource for young feminist activists to be heard and included in conversations that affect them.