Photo of the Month: April 2017
Apr 10, 2017 | Grantmaking
This April, we want to share a tiny glimpse of a few FRIDA faces together in a single frame. A few weeks ago, we organized ‘Happy Hour: Decolonising Philanthropy‘ in Seattle, United States, to talk more about FRIDA’s model of participatory grantmaking, the changing trends in philanthropy and the inspiring work of young feminists around the world that we support. It was a wonderful experience to see individuals and institutional funders showing an interest in learning more about us and our work. There was food, from Project Feast, a local business run by immigrants and refugees. There was wine, sponsored by Structure Cellars, a local women-led business. And our venue was kindly shared by Seattle Foundation, one of the major foundations in the state of Washington. As you know, FRIDA family is made up of different young feminists, activists, human rights defenders from varied regions and expertise, spread all over the world. This picture is symbolic of that diversity in some ways.
Seen here [from left] is Sarah Gunther, one of our long-time supporters and friends, Nevin Öztop, our staff member and Judit Abarca, one of our advisors from the Latin American region. While our family is massive and spread out and it is often difficult to have everyone together in the same space, it makes us immensely happy to see just a tiny few of the diverse faces together. FRIDA is grateful to have the commitment of so many supporters and, together, we are proud to strengthen young feminist organizing worldwide.
Pic credit: Gloris Estrella

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