Laying our identities bare #IAm

Questions surrounding our identity are deeply personal, and political at the same time. As a feminist funder, we try to be aware of multiple identities so that we can pay attention to power relationships and transform them to make a more just and inclusive world. It’s why we use a participatory grantmaking model to bring in diverse perspectives; it’s why we put decision-making directly in the hands of young feminists in the Global South; and it’s why we believe flexible core support grants to groups of organizers is the best way to counter multiple forms of oppression.

So through our second Solidarity Storm, we invited everyone to focus on their own identities –who they are and how aware they are of of our their identities. Using the hashtag #IAm we posed some “fill-in-the-blank” questions on our social media pages, encouraging our audience to respond. We are thankful to those who did–who laid bare their identities, how comfortable or uncomfortable they make them and how aware they are of them.

We share with you some snapshots of the submissions we got – on social media, in writing, photos, and video!

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We recognized this was a high-trust exercise and people’s participation was completely voluntary! We also realised that a conversation on intersectionality, just like a conversation on self-care and well-being, should never end. We promise to continue to momentum.

Our solidarity storms are our own way on putting the spotlight on a theme that affects the feminist movement greatly. Thank you for creating this storm with us and believing in the importance of intersectionality in our work!