What could take the impact of young feminist organizing to a whole new level?

Often, as dedicated grassroots organizers that have other full-time jobs or responsibilities, our passion is the main thing that keeps us motivated to fight for social justice. It is this commitment that sustains us during protests rain or shine, motivates us to take risks and speak truth to power, and pushes us to come up with creative ideas to improve the lives of others. As young feminists that are new to the movement, we begin organizing with little experience of mobilizing money and other resources to bolster our activism – making the tasks, at times, even more daunting and overwhelming.

It shouldn’t have to be this way.

We live in a world of gross wealth inequality, where resources are concentrated amongst a few. Young women, girls, and trans* youth organizers are hard-pressed to access financial resources that would ensure the effectiveness of their work as well as be safe and healthy as human beings. In order to create a more equal and just world, activists, too, have to reclaim money, redistribute resources, and re-imagine new sources of funding.

This is why, at FRIDA, we are committed to building the resource mobilization capacities of young women, girls, and trans* youth so they can create long lasting change. So it is with great pride, we share with you, our first Resource Mobilization Toolkit!

Click on the image below to download and read it!

FRIDA believes girls, young women and trans *youth already have the skills and expertise to change and transform their communities. This toolkit hopes to provide additional tools, tips and tricks about how to mobilize resources for their work. It hopes to especially benefit small-scale startup groups, particularly in the Global South, and can be used by organizations as well as individuals with different levels of skills and experience.

A huge thank you to all the help we got from our advisors and volunteers who form FRIDA’s Resource Mobilization Working Group! We see this Toolkit as a living, breathing document that will continue  to evolve (and be translated) in collaboration with the broader community of activists.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions about the Toolkit, do drop an email to our Resource Mobilization Officer, Nevin Öztop, who has been this Toolkit’s Publication Coordinator.

P.S. We couldn’t do this without your support and we can’t talk about mobilizing resources if we’re afraid to ask. So, please consider giving to FRIDA today! Because, when young feminist activists get the right support at the right time, they create waves of change.