Mamyglos is building body positivity among Polish girls

Our “self” is defined by many things, including our physical body, and as young women, our body becomes the primary target of patriarchal conditioning. As girls, we are taught to be nice and obedient, and often shamed for the way we look, weigh or grow into adulthood.

Girl-led feminist group MamyGlos has been redefining and reshaping how young women look at their bodies in Poland.

This year the group conducted workshops on self-love, body positivity, mental health awareness and activism with over 150 participants in 5 Polish cities.  They partnered with Humanity in Action Poland and launched #bodystory: an online campaign aimed at empowering girls and spreading the idea that ‘everybody is a good body’ to raise money for their body positivity workshops. Here’s one to inspire you today:

Thanks to FRIDA’s core support, they are well on their way to becoming an independent and registered NGO! They remind us about how it all started:

“One gloomy Thursday, three of us started a small-scale initiative to remind other girls that they have a right to stand up against sexism in everyday life. We called the initiative MamyGłos (‘We’ve got voice’) because that’s what we wanted to say: girls are here, girls have voice and girls will use it,”

This year, we aimed to raise at least USD 30,000 by the end of the year for groups like Mamyglos. Thanks to people’s generous gifts, we’re so close to the finishing point–we are already 80% there! Can we count on you to help us reach the final goal?


$15 = markers, sketch pens, paper and any other stationary equipment needed to conduct workshops on body positivity for girls

$50 = covers all other workshop related expenses, like arranging space, food and refreshments and training costs

$100 = total cost to cover the shooting, editing and production of a video that features young girls talking about self-love and body positivity

$500 = fees for a group to register their organization and gain official recognition if they choose to, enabling them to acquire stable office space or open organizational bank account to take their work to the next level