We must care for all our sisters, not just cis-ters

Earlier this year, we put the spotlight on intersectionality being integral to our feminist movements. We recalled how the real success of feminist struggle lies in being inclusive and intersectional. This means caring for all our sisters, not just cis-ters, and TransAction drives home this point through its organizing.

A FRIDA grantee partner working from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan, TransAction is led by trans*youth and believes that true feminist awakening lies in intersectional organizing. This year, they organized four dialogue sessions between feminist networks, organizations and young transgender women, exploring how they can create synergies between young transgender women and the larger feminist movement in the country.

Transgender and cisgender participants discussed how the challenges and discrimination they face today are the result of patriarchal structures, and can be challenged together. They agreed that they shared the same value of feminism, and trans* feminism should no longer be a controversial and debatable sub movement within feminism.

We are inspired by movements that come together and work in a collaborative fashion. Indeed, our feminisms need to be intersectional–it is the one tool that enable us to put all our abuses and discrimination to perspective. TransAction reminds us that for many of us, the personal is the political and for many of our trans* sisters, surviving everyday is a defiance of the systems of power which silence or dismiss their existence.

Thanks to the love and support from people in our community, we only need to raise about USD 4000 more to reach our annual goal of USD 30,000! Will you help us reach our goal on time? Groups like TransAction are changing history, one step at a time. You wouldn’t want to miss being part of their journey!


$15 = expenses for all stationary-related expenses, like printing pamphlets, flyers, banners and info brochures to share with participants at a panel discussion

 = renting a conference room or space to organize a panel discussion for young cis-gender feminists and transgender feminists together.

$100 = total cost to cover the entire organizing of a panel discussion–from inviting speakers and their accommodation to arranging for participants’ refreshments

$500 = fees for a group to register their organization and gain official recognition if they choose to, enabling them to acquire stable office space or open organizational bank account to take their work to the next level