We’re Hiring: Sr. Officer for Resource Mobilization
Oct 08, 2018 | Recruitment

Please note that the deadline to apply for this post has passed.

FRIDA is looking for a passionate and committed young feminist to be our Senior Officer for Resource Mobilization. This is a full-time position and the location of the job is flexible, although candidates from the Global South will be preferred.

Since its founding, FRIDA has been fortunate to have a rapidly growing budget due to positive interest from diverse donors. As our budget continues to grow, our objectives are to continue cultivating new partnerships while maintaining and deepening our current partnerships. In particular, FRIDA is entering a new Strategic Plan and chapter where increased attention should focus on strategies for partnerships in new sectors and geographies for FRIDA.

This position will play a leadership role in key aspects of FRIDA’s resource mobilization work especially in developing strategies and managing new and current partnerships. They will oversee but also be required to support cultivation, grant writing, and reporting. They will support the strengthening of systems to improve workflow and processes in a virtual office environment and encourage communication and collaboration between team members.

The Resource Mobilization team currently consists of one Resource Mobilization Officer (currently focused especially on Individual Donors), an interim Resource Mobilization Coordinator, and a Co-Executive Director who is responsible for the overall management and strategy of FRIDA’s Resource Mobilization efforts. The team interacts with all members of FRIDA, and especially collaborates with FRIDA’s other Co-Executive Director (responsible for Programs), Advocacy Officer, Communications Officer, and Sr. Finance Officer.

In addition to the new Strategic Plan to be completed in 2019, FRIDA will also be going through a Leadership Transition in 2019, and we seek a Sr. Officer for Resource Mobilization who is excited and willing to work through this period of change. This is key opportunity for strong, exemplary, and innovative, leadership. They would play a lead role in overseeing the Resource Mobilization Team and have a senior ‘duty of care’ to the staff, communities, and organization during this time and beyond. We seek someone with a commitment to promoting young feminist leadership at FRIDA and creative ideas on how to build a healthy feminist organization.

For full details about the job description, please click here.

We hope to hire this position immediately, so we appreciate applications by 22 October. Please email recruitment@youngfeministfund.org with “Sr. Officer RM” in the subject line.