FRIDA is Hiring a Communities and Culture Officer – Community Engagement

Thank you for your interest. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

FRIDA has seen extensive growth of its community in the last 4 years. Following this growth, we are working in developing clearer systems and processes to enable the diverse community to collaborate and participate in FRIDA’s work effectively, with a focus on role clarity, cross-team collaboration, shared accountability and leadership, and needed technical infrastructure.

The Communities and Culture (C&C) team was created in April 2018 as part of a process to reflect on ways to improve and strengthen the relationships and joint effectiveness across FRIDA’s diverse global community. The C&C team supports FRIDA’s organizational development as a global, virtual, and creative institution, and works to provide innovative and creative ways to promote engagement, communication, and participation across the FRIDA community, including: staff, advisors, board, and grantee partners. In this sense, the core mainstream responsibilities of the communities and culture team are to promote transparency, accountability, as well as collective care and holistic security practices as part of FRIDA´s values.   The C&C team interacts with all members of the FRIDA team as it is cross-cutting and supports the engagement of the community within the organization as a whole.

We are looking for someone who is creative, dynamic, and organized to join FRIDA’s Communities & Culture Team as C&C Officer. This position will especially focus on strengthening FRIDA’s Global Advisory Community and Structure and its integration and engagement with other FRIDA communities (grantee partners, staff, Board, etc) and processes (programs, communications, etc).



Global Advisory Committee: Coordination, Operations, and Strengthening

  • Co-Lead a process to continue strengthening FRIDA Advisory community, with clear, healthy and sustainable regional and global advisory structures and systems co-designed in close coordination with the C&C Manager, Regional Focal Points, and Global Facilitators, in order to facilitate communication and participatory processes across the advisory that clarify roles, responsibilities, and procedures, as well as encourage regular communication, transparency, and accountability. Work closely with FRIDA staff and advisors to respond and adapt to changing global circumstances that may affect type of support to advisory committee.
  • Support advisors to develop regional strategies and outreach strategies in alignment with FRIDA’s grantmaking and capacity strengthening strategies and processes. Working closely with FRIDA’s programmatic team, and regional focal points, to strengthen the communications and orientation of advisors in FRIDA’s grantmaking and Funding+ Model, ensure staff-advisory collaboration on regional strategies, and clear documentation of processes and workplans.
  • Lead the ongoing process of strengthening facilitators roles in each region, which includes regular communication and provide orientation and support in their roles, as well facilitating communication of facilitators across the regions to improve learning processes and strategies at the Advisory Global level.  Work in close coordination with FRIDA’s Accounting Officer to ensure timely dissemination of Facilitator stipends.
  • Lead  recruitment, transition and exit process and orientation of advisors in all regions, including systematizing process and updating orientation materials and process, working closely with C&C Manager on strengthening orientation and transition processes for advisors, as well as strengthening and documentation of Advisory Journey.
  • Coordinate development of logistics plans and creation of participatory processes for agenda development for global and regional advisory meetings in 2020 and 2021
  • Ensure integration of advisory priorities and strategies in ongoing FRIDA organizational processes such as organizational development processes, human resources, strategic planning, and more.
  • Close coordination with cross-team advisory engagement such as Accompaniment program, Change team, Teenage Girl Strategy, and more
  • Logistical, administrative and preparatory support to advisors to attend FRIDA convenings, learning visits, community gatherings, conferences and events
  • Support advisors to meet regularly virtually, ensure access to online meeting resources
  • Proper record keeping, filing, and documentation of advisory processes and documents

Communities & Culture: Inter and Cross team engagement

  • Support the creation of regular communications within the FRIDA community, between advisors, regional facilitators, staff, and Board including calls, updates and  emails. This includes leading the co-creation in a participatory way of the quarterly Advisors Newsletter update.
  • Oversee the integration of online management tools, and communication systems for FRIDA community members in coordination with C&C team, and other FRIDA teams.
  • Participate in development of C&C team workplans, team building activities, and other organizational – team processes
  • Commitment to orientation and learning around FRIDA’s digital and holistic security protocols and principles, and working closely with the Holistic Security team to develop implementation plans for the advisory committee.


External visibility and representation

  • Represent FRIDA in a positive way at events, public spaces, online, and other public facing engagements. Speak in public settings to sustain and build organizational visibility and influence
  • Ensure positive relationships with partner organizations, policymakers, media, and others
  • Represent the organization by participating strategically in key associations and organizations, serving on committees, boards, and advisory groups;

Required Expertise & Skills:

  • Has +2 years of community/volunteer management experience
  • Good interpersonal skills, with ability to network and liaise in a multicultural environment; demonstrated relationship management skills
  • Experience and/or strong understanding of feminist organizing and a strong background in social justice movements. Demonstrated commitment to the promotion of young feminist-led organizing;
  • Can work independently and lead participatory decision-making and consultation processes. Exercises independent judgment + involving relevant staff when it is needed over a broad area of functional responsibilities.
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and ability to handle multi-tasking, problem solving and planning skills.
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure both independently and as a team member
  • Very good written and oral communication skills, including proficient command of English language, understanding of working with print, electronic, online and/or social media, demonstrated ability to write reports;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and familiarity with databases, information management systems and ability to maintain well organized and documented files.
  • Reasonable flexibility, and be able to travel overseas if required

Strongly Desired Skills

  • Fluency in Spanish, ability to compose documents and lead/facilitate communications in Spanish including virtual and in person meetings.
  • Fluency in additional languages (Portuguese, French, Russian or Arabic is preferred).PLEASE APPLY BY 7PM EST ON JULY 15TH