Action Against the Marginalisation of women (AAMW)
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The mission of Action Against the Marginalisation of women (AAMW) is to consolidate all efforts aimed at bringing opportunities to socially excluded women, work towards disbanding all witches camps and a complete reintegration of women banished to the witches camp and reconcile them into a social living of dignity. It was formed in 2016 with the following goals:

  • Discourage the branding of old women as witches
  • Provide personnel to any attempt to empower liberate and reintegrate “witches” back into the society.
  • Rehabilitate and reintegrate “witches” back to their families the community
  • Disband and dissolve all witches camps.

The group’s resolve is to conduct a research to assess the impact of existing interventions in the lives of women, organise stakeholder workshop, media and community engagements and have a master plan to reintegrate these women back into the community.