Beautiful Hearts Against Sexual Violence
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Beautiful Hearts Against Sexual Violence is a member-based non-government organization based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It was established in 2012 and brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds with the shared vision of ending child and girl sexual violence in Mongolia. Since then, BHASV focuses its efforts on prevention and elimination of all forms of violence against girls. We work from a human rights-based approach to prevent and combat girl sexual violence to empower children and young people to access opportunities and realize their full potential.

The group’s vision is to contribute towards building a safe, secure and harmonious society that is free of girl and child sexual abuse. Their mission is:

  • To provide services to domestic/sexual violence survivors in order to facilitate rehabilitation and social reintegration
  • To increase public awareness of domestic/sexual violence
  • To mobilize the public and increase participation with the aim of changing attitudes and norms related to gender-based violence

The group is now focusing and working on two raising public awareness programs such as One Billion Rising movement campaign for ending violence against girls and women. Communities from each province in Mongolia are joining and rising with Break the Chain flash mob. “For this campaign we also organized panel discussion “Trauma- informed service: Stop blaming victims!” for service providers which was the first initiative in the country to discuss about how to provide quality service without blaming victims/survivors.” they say. Another of their public awareness program is “BESMART ON THE INTERNET” advocacy workshop among school children in Ulaanbaatar city who are vulnerable to cyber-crimes.

The group has been providing psychosocial service on a regular basis for victims/survivors and victims from gender-based/sexual violence and professionals who work with young survivors. This includes trauma-informed psychotherapy and art therapy for children, and clinical social work management. In order to improve public services for victims/survivors, they design/deliver capacity building trainings for service providers (doctors, police, social workers, teachers, and psychologists).