This collective was founded in 2017.  During a conversation, when group members began reflecting being women and lesbian migrants in Chile, on March 8, 2017, they read their first manifesto on the march for the day of working women in Valparaíso and made their first street intervention to visiblise the femicides that occurred throughout Abya Yala. Their vision, as a collective is to guarantee full access to the rights of women and migrant children in their region, by interrogating racism, xenophobia and misogyny through a feminist intervention in public space. In this regard, Brigada Migrante Feminista’s mission is to generate networks of support among girls, adolescents, migrant women and pro-migrants, and co build experiences of artistic, intercultural and feminist education in Valparaíso.

“One of our most important achievements is to be able to build our own political space, to make room for our critical voice from our experiences as women, dissidents and migrants, and doing so from a feminist lens,” they say. Additionally, to have been one of the most voted projects in the Latin America and Caribbean region during FRIDA voting process has reaffirmed the group’s commitment to fight for the visibility of young migrant women, and continue to build bridges of solidarity without a border.