Brown Girl Woke is a young feminist group working from Asia in the Pacific island of Samoa. Their mission is to aspire, educate and empower young females to lead initiatives to create productive and healthy communities. Girls participate in group activities focusing on teamwork, self-esteem, goal setting, decision-making, creating healthy relationships, and living healthy lives. It provides opportunity for young women to openly discuss their opinions regarding themselves, the world, and the future of both. In addition to these activities, young women also participate in 4 main components of the group’s work: After School Girl program age group 10-13, Young women Forum 13-25, Emerging Leaders Young Men and Young Women Regional & National Training and Conferences.

The group’s first workshop with Peace Corp Glow girls brought over 100 girls from 10 rural area schools together who really appreciated the workshop on empowering young girls by affirmation. “It was the first time that the teachers and colleagues watch girls talk about themselves in a positive way, encouraging and empower each other,” the group says. They were later contacted by all the peace corp teachers about how much they loved the workshop and wanted Brown Girl Woke to come to all their schools. With support from FRIDA, they were even able to support rural schools with supplies and activities last year.