Chola Contravisual is a young feminist communicators collective who have been working to achieve decent, free and happy existences for women and LBTIQ people since 2015. Their storytelling and narrative originates from shared and own experiences, an alternative to the dominant discourse that usually relegates us and generate violence based on our identities. They build audiovisual material against hegemonic and decentralized, visualizing and promoting new rebellions that challenge the oppressions and established orders. They are part of free training, which involves the creation of collective houses and spaces where they exchange knowledge, focusing on the principle of reciprocity as a transforming and revolutionary weapon.

In April 2017, they inaugurated La Munay Casa, a cultural center and community meeting and conspiracy space for the fight against patriarchal violence. This project is born from the need to make feminist advocacy in Huancayo, one of the most conservative, religious and violent cities with women and / or LGTBIQ people in Peru. The group members have been working on communication, free training and cultural management. Their greatest success has been to be able to articulate and conspire with various feminist organizations and collectives in Peru and Latin America in the last 3 years. “Working from creative collaboration is a very powerful satisfaction,” they say.