Eldoret Women For Development (ELWOFOD)
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Eldoret Women For Development (ELWOFOD) was founded in 2007. It is a women’s rights organization founded by 2 women ex-inmates from Eldoret -Langas Slum who had been convicted for 6 years for a crime they did not commit with an aim of enhancing the reentry of former women prisoners back into their communities through economic skill development. The neglect and hostility that former women prisoners faced despite government attempts to reintegrate them fuelled the formation of ELWOFOD. Many women offenders intend to become law-abiding citizens when they’re released from jail or prison but face an uphill battle to meet their basic needs and those of their families. At ELWOFOD, over 200 women prisoners are released annually and reenter their communities, especially in the slums. Many wish to become law-abiding citizens and have the best intention of living a conventional life yet most have few job skills, lack a formal education, and experience discrimination in housing and job markets because of their felony records. WOES –“Walking on Egg Shells” seeks to break this cycle by providing agri-business skills and financial literacy training for women ex- prisoners when they are released. Their main mission is to empower and see women living and pursuing their full measure of life with dignity. ELWOFOD seeks to build community, not more women prisons.