Formed in November 2015, The Female Independence Seekers (FIS)s work towards creating a network of women who are recognized and accepted by Egyptian society, face no discrimination or violence and enjoy all the rights of choosing their own lives and future. FemiHub was established with a mission of advocating for the Female Independence- seekers FISs’ problems and fighting against the stereotypes related to girls’ independence. In achieving their mission, they adopted a model similar to the idea and concept of sisterhood “as we believe in the limitless power of women-only communities” especially when they are all facing similar prejudices and discrimination. The group aims at mobilizing the FISs to support each other, finding appropriate and safe jobs and houses in addition to building a supporting community of FISs that is mainly based on feminist solidarity as a core principle.

It took more than 15 months of intense work and continuous dialogue to create a decentralized platform fully running and operating by FIS, based only on community mobilization and feminist solidarity approaches. They finally developed collective values that was decided by all group members who showed a tendency to contribute in the decision making process. The group believes that their biggest achievement until now has been that the group’s beneficiaries have begun to step over their ideological, religious and cultural boundaries, coping with each other differences and moving forward to support each other seeking independence.