Feminist Network was founded in November 2016. Their mission is to address sexual and gender-based harassment experienced by all women and trans people in public and private spaces in Lebanon, through community-building, capacity-building, and feminist knowledge sharing initiatives that:

  • create safe spaces of solidarity, support, expression, and discussion
  • encourage knowledge production, feminist learning, and resource-sharing within our communities
  • raise awareness and encourage dialogue
  • serves various needs of our communities, from safety to creativity to spaces of expression to skill-learning

Their vision is to see a world where there is accountability for sexual and gendered violence against all women and trans people. A world where we can take up space unapologetically and freely, and where we can safely and creatively express our sexual and gender identities. A world filled with intersectional feminist solidarity, knowledge, and community.

Some of the group’s most visible work has involved participating in local organizing and conferences related to gender and sexuality. One of their most unique accomplishments was to create what they call an “open memo time.” “Memo time was a period of time during our meetings dedicated to discussion — either of daily frustrations, problems or issues we were dealing with, or conversations related to harassment, discrimination, identity, feminism, and politics. Eventually, we realized that one of our strengths was our ability to create a safe spaces for people to talk about important and sensitive issues. When we realized that this was a strength of ours as a group, and that we all found it very valuable, we developed a way to share this with other people. We now host events called “open memo time” dedicated to a specific topic and invite others to join us for the discussion,” they say.