GirlsGoIT Program was established in March 2015. This led to the establishment of girls-led local clubs in 13 regions in Moldova and GirlsGoIT Chisinau is one of  them. Their mission is to prepare girls for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) studies and prepare them for ICT (Information Communication & Technology) labour market through internship with ICT companies. TEKEDU is the founding partner of GirlsGoIT program, implemented jointly to support Moldova’s National Agende on Gender Equality, Quality Education and support Decent Jobs and Employment for Women and Girls to lead Moldova ICT labour Market.  

GirlsGoIT has many examples of young girls whose careers got a direction after engaging with the activities and workshops with the group. They have become ambassadors in Hincesti and organized events in their native villages, promoting IT Opportunities and Spring Bootcamps in 2017. Here is a success story of 19-year-old Liliana Covileac that illustrates the story of a young girl’s journey with GirlsGoIT. In the Summer Camp that they organize with 100 spots to fill, they received nearly 300 applicants strengthening their belief to make STEM reach more young girls in Moldova.