Giuvlipen (meaning feminism in Romani language) was founded in 2014 and is a feminist theatre group with, for and about Roma women, with the goal of contributing to the empowerment of Roma women in their living communities. The group creates theatre performances based on life stories of Roma women, about their difficulties living between a traditional patriarchal community and a demanded integration into the dominant (often racist) Romanian community. Through the use of theatre, the group intends to bring to the stage the main issues that Roma women have to deal with everyday. Through performances that they write and produce themselves, they try to bring Roma women together and create a Roma sisterhood.

The group says that their greatest satisfaction stems from the audience when, through their shows, they manage to produce a change for Roma girls and women in the way in which they perceive themselves and their role in society. Here is a testimonial they shared: “Hello, I am one of the girls who attended your show today. I want to thank you for the confidence you gave me in myself. I was really impressed by the stories of the women in the show. From now on I will not feel ashamed anymore regarding my Roma identity.”