I am One was founded in October 2014 and is a community-based organisation in Trinidad and Tobago which seeks to address the needs of gender and sexual Minorities by building community and providing safe spaces, education and expressive platforms for empowerment. I Am One, founded the Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival in 2015 and since then it has been an annual event and a home for hundreds of artists, activists and LGBT people. The festival serves as a meeting point for all other local and regional projects.

In 2016 a critical conversation led to the first annual King Show that took place during their pride celebrations. In 2017, the conversation pushed further and the group wanted a space to theorise the ideas that came out of the show, especially those around toxic masculinity, trans masculinity and stud culture. This initiated the first regional King Conference which took place after the King Show in 2017. This year, they have an ambitious plan to execute the 2018 regional KING SHOW & CONFERENCE as one project.