Jaringan Muda Melawan Kekerasan Seksual (Youth Network Against Sexual Violence)
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In March 2015, when the Regional Conference of Young Women Across Java took place, Jaringan Muda Melawan Kekerasan Seksual (Youth Network Against Sexual Violence) was founded.  That conference was attended by 70 women from 25 different university in Java Island. The main theme of the conference was Fight and Free from Sexual Violence. As a result of that full day conference, the group agreed to form its own youth network.

The group’s vision is to eliminate all form of sexual violence. To realize this, they work towards building a community based network particularly among young women in campuses. They build this network nationally. After Young Women’s Conference, they have their own “Temu Nasional” (National Gathering) as a mechanism to decide their common programs. Their main goals are the presence of (1) a joint campaign between communities / individuals who are connected with Jaringan Muda, (2) the documentation on the problem of sexual violence among young women and experience of local women’s community to deal with it. (3) The dissemination of such documentation in a creative and interesting way. 

In 2016, the group managed to gather thousands of petitions (3700 in total) to support the ratification of the Elimination of Sexual Violence Bill from 10 cities that are members of Jaringan Muda (2016). The group considers this as their biggest achievement so far.