Jasy Renyhe is a young women’s association with a mission. They constitute a space where women’s wisdom comes together in defence of instruments that propagate “development” at the cost of deforestation, industrialisation and other harmful urban planning practises. They aim to recover the experience and capacity of indigenous women leaders, young women warriors, urban farmers and social video makers in the training and mobilisation of emerging youth groups with potential for interpellation and advocacy. ”

Their biggest achievement, as an organization, has been the systematisation of abuses and violations of women’s rights in areas of major investments in the soon-to-be-published book: Capitalismo chino en la selva: los cuerpos desechables detrás de tres obras de infraestructura en Bolivia (Chinese Capitalism in the Jungle: the disposable bodies behind three infrastructure works in Bolivia) . They have analysed international scenarios on the failure of development promises, and the ways in which impoverishment is ambiguous but particularly harmful to women, on whom the environmental, economic, and sexual consequences of the installation of modernity fall disproportionately.