Luciérnagas sobre Ruedas  was founded at the beginning of 2018. The mission of the group is to create a printed communication medium in which young women investigate the issues that concern and interest them, and encourages them to share this information with other young women in their communities. Their goal is to have their own space for the expression of their ideas and for the dissemination of information regarding the problems that affect them as young migrant women who live in rural communities in Costa Rica.

Their first achievement as a group has been to be selected as one of FRIDA’s many grantee partners, and to have been counted among many applicants, receiving one of the highest votes from women outside of their country in keeping with the participatory grantmaking process. They are thankful and are excited to be working on their communication project with a lot of enthusiasm and with the ease offered by this fund to be able to launch their ideas in a more concrete way.