MAD (Making A Difference) Sisters
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MAD Sisters is a community based organization founded in 2014 based in Kibera, Nairobi. It is a female led organization and their work focuses on the well being of young girls in Kibera. The group believe that strong girls make strong communities and their main objective is to reduce the vulnerabilities that adolescents’ girls face in Kibera by promoting an environment that is safe for them to grow. The group’s vision is to empower young girls in Kibera to believe in themselves and in their potential and their mission is to create a safe environment where girls and young women are free to express themselves.

Creating an environment where girls are free to express themselves, learn, share and have community girls look up to the MAD sisters is not an easy task. “We see the fact that these girls trust us with their personal issues as an achievement because it is not easy to gain trust easily,” the group says. They were recently able to follow up on a sexual abuse case and ensured that one of our girl got the justice she deserved and it was one of their high moments as MAD sisters.