MamyGlos (Polish for We’ve Got Voice), is the first feminist initiative and soon-to-be NGO for teenagers in Poland. They work towards empowering girls to stand up for their rights and want each girl to feel safe at home, at school, on the street and in her own body. They began as a group of three in November 2015, and since then have managed to work relentlessly, organizing (among other things) workshops for over 400 teenage girls, publishing coloring books and more. The initiative turned into a movement and now there are six members, surrounded with 21 teenage activists who work in their communities.

“One gloomy Thursday, three of us started a small-scale initiative to remind other girls that they have a right to stand up against sexism in everyday life. We called the initiative MamyGłos (‘We’ve got voice’) because that’s what we wanted to say: girls are here, girls have voice and girls will use it,” they say. Operating from country where every second day a woman is killed by her intimate partner and every fifth woman falls victim to rape, Mamyglos realises the need to teach girls to be strong, confident and unapologetic – about their body, their plans and their choices.

The Mamyglos consists of six young women, half of whom graduated from high school in May 2016 and are not afraid to speak at workshops, demonstrations, conferences and in the media. The group delivered workshops to 400+ teenagers, published a coloring book featuring bad-ass women and distributed it abroad, created a card game and started new programs.  “We develop personally and professionally along with MamyGlos – it is as organic as we are. We run on girl power – and we feel that everyday we become stronger, just like girls’ voice in this world. Tomorrow belongs to girls!,” they say.