Miss Deaf Pride Zimbabwe was founded in August, 2017 envisioning an empowered community of deaf girls and young women achieving their potential. Through artistic and creative means, the group members work towards capacitating and building the self-esteem of deaf girls and young women to showcase their creativity, interface with their community leaders and be ambassadors in their communities to fight gender based violence against women.

One of the greatest successes for the group was the organizing and coordinating of a deaf awareness session in Norton. They managed to gather deaf people from in and around Norton, including others from Harare to celebrate Deaf culture, celebrate their talents as deaf people as well as meet and interact with our community leaders. They found a creative and fun way of sharing struggles in the community, fostering solidarity in fighting for equality as well as sharing the beauty of sign language. Miss Deaf Pride joined the Deaf community in saying “No to discrimination, NO to exclusion; We are Deaf And Proud not Deaf and dumb.” “We were stunned by the turnout of people, the power that the Deaf community and despite very little funding from well-wishers at the time, we managed to utilize the limited resources to make an event happen,” they say.