Protagonistas Juveniles Comunitarios de Zenzontepec
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This group of Youth Community Protagonists was founded in 2017 with the purpose of supporting their community to heal and improve certain aspects of it. The vision of the group is that during the development of this project and in the future will result in an environment of more inclusion with women, more equity between men and women, and a more equitable exercise of rights. Their mission is to work as a team to support each other and reduce the inequality that threatens their right to a healthy life as young and indigenous women contributing to a more equitable and just community. Creating an environment of support and security for all is what strives them to do what they do. They believe that the biggest and most important achievement they have had has been participating, for the first time, in FRIDA’s grantmaking and benefit from it. “It is our biggest and greatest experience at the moment and we feel very happy about it,” they say.