Started in 2016, Queer/Trans Teens provides a safe space for young queer, trans and questioning people to meet, share experiences and create together, aiming to build a young generation of queer people working in solidarity. “Queer and trans youth suffer a high level of bullying, depression, substance misuse and self-harm in Czech Republic. We want to build an inclusive, safe, queer community to care for each other, from which to advocate for our rights, and create the space for us to tell our stories,” they say, following the three values of solidarity, diversity and participation in all the work they do. They are committed to constructive and non-violent communication and believe in creativity as a source of empowerment. The group works from a queer feminist perspective and their activities are inspired by creative resistance, counter storytelling and well-being for resilience.

In the 2018 Pride week, Queer/Trans Teens had an exhibition presenting their work at Prague’s Queer community cafe/centre, Patra. They presented their group’s mission, provided descriptions of their working approach and methods, and artworks produced at their workshops. The exhibition was on display throughout the week in a room where many other events were held through the Pride week, and the group members were very happy to reach so many people.