Founded in September 2017, the Association for development and education of young people or “Safe step” (Udruženje za razvoj i edukaciju mladih “Siguran korak”) is an advocacy platform representing the interests of women, young and marginalized vulnerable groups, providing active participation and developing systemic solutions in order to improve the position of young people, especially women, through the development of strategic partnerships, cross-sectoral and international cooperation, as well as strengthening the capacity of member organizations and other subjects of youth policy. The group envisions harmonious and productive communities, whose inhabitants have a developed sense of mutual enjoyment, affinity, solidarity and tolerance, working together to actively participating in the common good. Their primary focus is on women from marginalized groups, Roma women and women from rural areas, women victims of violence or discrimination, who are particularly vulnerable.

In  Bijeljina, nobody over 65 years old has the right to have insurance, if they do not have pension. The group worked with a 70-year-old woman helping her to get health strengthening her affordability towards proper medication. The group wishes to set an example of young women working with people across ages and support them in realising their human rights. They have particularly been working with the Roma community encouraging and empowering women to report violence and not shy away from outing the perpetrators, while providing them with a safe space that they can call as home.