Siqqee Scholars
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The Siqqee Scholars are an indigenous institution based in Ethiopia that represents a strong culture of support and solidarity between women and the challenges they face. Named accordingly, it is an association of goodwill volunteers, founded in 2017 with the vision of building up on positive values to tackle the peculiar challenges faced by Ethiopian girls and young women. The initiative was formed on the basis of sisterhood, support and solidarity and its mission is to empower women by using education as a tool. The group works to fulfil the gaps of the education system to ensure female students utilize the academic and extracurricular opportunities they are presented with without falling victim to the many challenges they are prone to.

The group holds various activities and programs ranging from sanitary pad provision campaigns to discussion platforms, trainings and gender based violence counsel. “Though we have been able to provide sanitary kits to over 700 students annually, train in various fields different batches of students and spark conversation on tabooed topics, we believe our biggest achievement is igniting confidence and self-motivation in the female student population of our school community. We are proud to see that following our movement; female students are more proactive in the school community not only performing better academically but investing in their communities by partaking movements existing in the schools as well as taking the initiative to make their own,” they say.