Think Young Women (TYW) is a young women-led, non-profit organization in The Gambia that was formed in 2010 and officially registered in 2011. The organization seeks to inspire and assist girls and young women to achieve their individual needs and collective interests by developing their leadership skills empowering them through capacity building, awareness raising, networking and mentorship. TYW believes that by building the skills and fortifying the voices young women and girls, more impact and support will be created towards the realization of women’s rights. It is an inclusive organization premised on the belief that young women and girls are active members of the wider community and play a vital role in it. Their envision seeing a generation of well-informed, self-possessed and enlightened young women leaders.

The group has significantly contributed to the prohibition of child marriage and FGM in the Gambia following its advocacy in the abandonment of these harmful traditional practices. The country has also seen an increment in youth advocacy, as a result of their engagement with the youth of the country. The organization is also leading the use of new media communication platforms and techniques among youth organizations in The Gambia. It has been able to strengthen itself and set standards even with limited resources available. “Our sanitary pad drive remains one of our success stories. For purposes of menstrual hygiene, we started a drive for sanitary pads for girls who do not access them. Our desire is to #SmashShame! Our Girls’ mentorship programme is also changing the narratives! We are indeed creating a new generation of enlightened young women.” they say.