VPride Organization
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VPride Organization is a trans- led community based group founded in 2009 that was set up to help mobilize and educate, advocate for rights of LGBTIQ and other minority groups in based in Port Vila in the Pacific island of Vanuatu. Their vision is unity, celebration and affirmation of sexuality, gender, health and human rights of everyone and promoting gender diversity in Vanuatu. As a local network of persons of different sexual orientation and gender diversity populations, ther mission is to strengthen community leadership, mobilization and advocacy in the areas of sexuality and gender identities with respect to sexual health including STI’s, HIV and AIDS, wellbeing and human rights.

The group considers getting VPride legally registered in 2017 as its biggest achievement. Back in 2013, VPride wanted to register as an Association but was unsuccessful as the President of Vanuatu Christian Council at that time made a call to all Chiefs, Government and other NGOs to not welcome VPride. The organization was seen with disgust that will create division in Vanuatu’s society where it stands strongly on Melanesian Values and Christian principles. Therefore, in the following years, VPride continued to reach out to communities to advocate for HIV and AIDs prevention integrating Stigma and Discrimination agenda as a key ingredient to sensitize the communities in understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and its diversity. Four years later, in June 2017 VPride was successfully registered under the charitable act of 140 of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.