Young Feminist Network
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Young Feminist Network was founded in October 2017 as an outcome of the Feminism and Advocacy Training that was facilitated by Global Platform Bangladesh. Young Feminist Network is a movement formed by diverse and dynamic young people in Bangladesh trying to challenge the patriarchal system of the country. The group promotes young women’s rights and gender inclusive society through feminist leadership. Since the network was formed, they have been raising awareness of young people’s rights and mobilize them to advance their rights and their common agenda through dialogues and campaigns.

One of the biggest achievements of the network was when they organized a 3-day Feminist Fair in March 2018 to observe the International Women’s Day for the first time in Bangladesh. They invited young women entrepreneurs from different parts of the country to sell their products at the fair. A Feminist Film Festival was also integrated into the fair, where 10 young filmmakers across the country submitted their entries that depict women and transgender issues. Forums were also organized where they talked about women’s rights, social movements and youth participation in the electoral campaign. “We also facilitated interactive session and cultural shows where we invited feminist, artist and the Hijra (Transgender) community in Bangladesh. It was a breakthrough for the network. Since then a lot of young people are now interested to be part of the network,” they said.