As a youth-led activist fund, our voice matters.

We see our role in the media as an important one and take utmost responsibility and care in ensuring that our opinions reflect our politics and affiliations. Several members of the FRIDA community write, co-write and pen their personal and political reflections on deeply engaging topics. We have also been fortunate to receive some spotlight–our work, our community members and our funding model–by other media platforms and individuals. Check it out!


Deciding for all or all deciding? Exploring Participatory Grantmaking, February 2016, by Diana Samarasan (Disability Rights Fund), Nadia van der Linde (Red Umbrella Fund), Nevin Öztop (FRIDA) and Katy Love (Wikimedia Foundation)
The global pulse of young feminists organising, March 2016, by Ruby Johnson and Deepa Ranganathan
Solidarity: Binding multiple causes, identities and struggles together, June 2016, by Deepa Ranganathan
Building the Bicycle While We Ride It: Five Reflections on Nonprofit Co-Leadership, January 2017, by Ruby Johnson and Devi Leiper O’Malley
Making our movements sustainable: practicing holistic security every day, June 2017, by Maria Diaz Ezquerro and Deepa Ranganathan
Stronger Together: An Activist-Funder Dialogue on Resourcing Young Feminist Organizing, November 2017, by Ledys Sanjuan and Ruby Johnson
To strengthen global resistance, resource young feminists, November 2017, by Ruby Johnson (FRIDA) and Felogene Anumo (AWID)
Envisioning Change Through Art: Funding Feminist Artivists for Social Change , March 2018, by Vanina Serra (Mamacash), Monica Enrıquez (Foundation for a Just Society) and Ruby Johnson (FRIDA)
MobLab Live: Practicing Self-care and Wellbeing in Activism, A live video session, where FRIDA’s Advocacy Officer, Ledys Sanjuan, was part of the panel discussion.
Rethinking partnerships at the root, June 2018, by Clare Winterton (Global Fund for Women) and Ruby Johnson (FRIDA) for Alliance magazine
Ending a misguided moral debate: Why decriminalization of sex work is our only option, August 2018, by Nevin Öztop for Whores of Yore
Girls to the Front: A snapshot of girl led organizing, October 2018, by Ruby Johnson (FRIDA) and Esther Lever (Mama Cash)
Why Let Go of Power?, October 2018, by Ruby Johnson and Jovana Djordjevic for Grantcraft blog
A young feminist new order: an exploration of why young feminists organise the way they do, November 2018, by Ruby Johnson and Devi Leiper O’Malley, Gender and Development journal published for Oxfam by Routledge/Taylor & Francis.
Young feminists’ creative strategies to challenge the status quo: a view from FRIDA, November 2018, by Gopika Bashi, Lucia Martelotte, Boikanyo Modungwa and Maria Eugenia Olmos, Gender and Development journal published for Oxfam by Routledge/Taylor & Francis.