Interim Executive Director

Title: Interim Executive Director

Employment Type: Full-time (28 hours per week) for 18 months

Start date: January 2024

Application Deadline: October 18th, 2023

Salary: 120,000 USD + benefits

Location: Remote, preferably in the Global South

FRIDA is seeking a new Interim Executive Director to lead the organization in a period of transition and organizational learning and consolidation.

The ED is responsible for the Fund’s strategic leadership and executive coordination, as well as its operations and governance.

This position will oversee the final stages of the implementation of FRIDA’s 2020-2025 Participatory Strategic Plan, and lead the organization into its following stages through this interim leadership period, with a focus on building and consolidating internal systems and nurturing a solid internal organizational culture. This position follows and will build upon a period of organizational growth and ongoing organizational development work to ensure that our internal systems and structures stay relevant to FRIDA’s increased size, that all staff members are able to thrive and grow within FRIDA, that we continue to build feminist organizational cultures, and that FRIDA remains accountable to diverse young feminist movements.

We are looking for an experienced, strategic, insightful, and mission-driven leader who thrives on building and managing systems and community in service to an organization’s mission. The Interim ED will work to ensure that the organization’s governance, systems, structures, culture and practices best serve FRIDA’s strategic priorities in this period of transition, and are a reflection of the organization’s commitments, mission and values.

The successful candidate will be passionate about FRIDA’s mission and values. They must be committed to youth leadership, resourcing young feminist movements; and building effective co-creative, collaborative structures within FRIDA’s global, diverse staff team. This is a role committed to promoting young feminist leadership, with creative ideas on how to build a healthy feminist organization.

FRIDA is looking for an Interim ED who will:

  • Get young feminist organizers more resources: Supporting a team to ensure FRIDA provides accessible, responsive, and strategic resources and capacity strengthening for newly established young feminist-led initiatives; and increasing the commitment of donors and allies to resource young feminist activism.
  • Support young feminist organizers to be leaders of strong intergenerational and intersectional social movements: Amplifying the voices, influence, and contributions of young feminists; supporting young feminist-led initiatives and collaborations that respond to the needs of current movements; engaging in diverse partnerships that contribute to more and better resources for young feminist activists; and modeling and advocating for better practices in movements and the funding sector.
  • Create innovative, holistic, and transformative organizational cultures and systems: Ensuring the holistic health of FRIDA’s structures and organizational culture so that all community members are happy, safe, and effective; fostering leadership in all team members; promoting and overseeing collaborative team structures and collective processes; thinking outside the box – and presenting new ways of organizing. The location of the position is flexible, where the applicant is legally able to reside.

For full role description, responsibilities, desired skills and experience, please read the entire TOR at this link.

To apply, please do so through the job application portal at this link. Applications are not accepted via email.

LGBTQIA+ youth, BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) and youth from the following regions: Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central and North Asia (CEECCNA), West, East, Southern and Central Africa (WESCA), South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA), Caribbean, and South, South- East, East Asia and the Pacific (SSEEAP) are strongly encouraged to apply. 

If you have any questions please email them to with “Interim Executive Director- FAQ” in the subject line.

Do you know someone who would be great for this role? We would love if you help us to share this call for applicants by sharing far and wide through your networks of young feminists